Source code for libfmp.b.b_audio

Module: libfmp.b.b_audio
Author: Frank Zalkow, Meinard Mueller
License: The MIT license,

This file is part of the FMP Notebooks (

import librosa
import soundfile as sf
import IPython.display as ipd
import pandas as pd

[docs]def read_audio(path, Fs=None, mono=False): """Read an audio file into a np.ndarray. Args: path (str): Path to audio file Fs (scalar): Resample audio to given sampling rate. Use native sampling rate if None. (Default value = None) mono (bool): Convert multi-channel file to mono. (Default value = False) Returns: x (np.ndarray): Waveform signal Fs (scalar): Sampling rate """ return librosa.load(path, sr=Fs, mono=mono)
[docs]def write_audio(path, x, Fs): """Write a signal (as np.ndarray) to an audio file. Args: path (str): Path to audio file x (np.ndarray): Waveform signal Fs (scalar): Sampling rate """ sf.write(path, x, Fs)
[docs]def audio_player_list(signals, rates, width=270, height=40, columns=None, column_align='center'): """Generate a list of HTML audio players tags for a given list of audio signals. Notebook: B/B_PythonAudio.ipynb Args: signals (list): List of audio signals rates (list): List of sample rates width (int): Width of player (either number or list) (Default value = 270) height (int): Height of player (either number or list) (Default value = 40) columns (list): Column headings (Default value = None) column_align (str): Left, center, right (Default value = 'center') """ pd.set_option('display.max_colwidth', None) if isinstance(width, int): width = [width] * len(signals) if isinstance(height, int): height = [height] * len(signals) audio_list = [] for cur_x, cur_Fs, cur_width, cur_height in zip(signals, rates, width, height): audio_html = ipd.Audio(data=cur_x, rate=cur_Fs)._repr_html_() audio_html = audio_html.replace('\n', '').strip() audio_html = audio_html.replace('<audio ', f'<audio style="width: {cur_width}px; height: {cur_height}px" ') audio_list.append([audio_html]) df = pd.DataFrame(audio_list, index=columns).T table_html = df.to_html(escape=False, index=False, header=bool(columns)) table_html = table_html.replace('<th>', f'<th style="text-align: {column_align}">') ipd.display(ipd.HTML(table_html))